Greentoberfest | Greenville, TX
Greenville, TX

Greentoberfest 2016


Greenville Texas is getting geared up for one of the largest events in Hunt County History, with Greentoberfest 2016; an all American fund raiser for graduating seniors (with a Texas twist). Organized by local businessmen, Greentoberfest 2016 is the ONLY event which forwards 100% of its proceeds to charity, while remaining free to attend.

Injecting the local community with live Texas music, fine art, wine, world class cuisine, and genuine Texas Craft Beer; Greentoberfest 2016 will deliver a savory splash of excitement. Looking for a taste of the Lone Star State, craft beer & wine fans will literally pour themselves into the event as we brew up the fun with Greentoberfest 2016!

One might ask, “What goes better with food, wine and craft beer than art and live entertainment?” The only response is nothing, absolutely nothing. Utilizing a unique blend of Texas art, entertainment and crafts, Greentoberfest 2016 gives back with a grassroots approach only found in the heartland. Presenting scholarships to build tomorrow’s culinary chefs, hair stylist, home designers and more; Greentoberfest 2016 projects to be the most unforgettable event of the year.

Festivities begin the first Saturday of October, October 1st, so mark your calendar and set your navigation for Greenville Texas for Greentoberfest 2016!